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Metropolitan B&B Amsterdam

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The Metropolitan is a B&B apartment in Amsterdam with a garden.

Metropolitan B&B Amsterdam

The apartment


The Metropolitan B&B is an ideal apartment for a family  with two children, or 4 adults. It is located in the centre of Amsterdam and has a private garden. The Metropolitan B&B is an oasis in the middle of the city. After a day of shopping and museum visit you can relax in the quiet garden and forget you are in the middle of a busy city.

The apartment is also accessible in a wheelchair


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The Location 

The Metropolitan B&B is located in the Sint Nicolaasstraat 29  halfway between Central Station and Dam square. The Sint Nicolaasstraat is a little pedestrian street without cars. It is a cosy street where lots of families and children live. The apartment has a private entrance and a garden. All the main shops, musea and restaurants are on walking distance. The famous Canals of Amsterdam and Unesco World Heritage site are around the corner. 


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