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Terms and conditions

When you’re booking the accommodation you are ok with the following terms and conditions.

To send a reservations request, simply click the desired check-in and check-out dates in the calendar. I will send you an invoice through PayPal for a downpayment (most of the time 100 euro). When this invoice is payed your booking is confirmed.


Triodos Bank

Account: NL17 TRIO 0197800483
Swift code NLTRIO2U
Registration number: 0363 08BD B22D FCC2 5F83
KvK nr. 53292731
BTW nr. NL082132914B01

Cancelling Conditions

If your plans change unexpectedly and you have to cancel your reservation, I will refund as follows:

  • 100% refund (minus an administration fee of Euro 15 euro) if the cancellation is made 2 months in advance
  • 50% of that downpayment will be refunded if cancellation is made 14 days or more before arrival date
  • 20% of the downpayment will be refunded if cancellation is made 7-14 days before arrival date
  • No refund if cancellation is made within 6 days of arrival
  • No refunds in case of shortening your stay after arrival